Teeth Whitening

Like many people, you may feel unhappy about the color of your teeth.

Maybe you have even tried over-the-counter bleaching products with little to no success. You need an effective way to remove the stains that give your teeth that dull, yellow appearance. With our two different bleaching options, you can achieve the brilliant smile of your dreams. 


There are many causes for tooth discoloration

  • Stains from tobacco, coffee, tea, soda, red wine, berries, or any food or drink with dark pigmentation
  • Plaque and tartar deposits
  • Use of the antibiotic Tetracycline during childhood (this creates dark “ribbons” of color)
  • Ingestion of excess fluoride while teeth are forming (this gives teeth a “mottled” look)
  • Trauma to the mouth and teeth, which can cause yellow, brown, and gray spots
  • The natural aging process

Whitening systems that safely make your smile brighter

We offer OpalesceneGo take-home disposable trays with NO impressions needed! We also offer KöR, which is rated as a permanent whitening solution! Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our whitening solutions.

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